Frozen in time at John P Park Homestead

What one of the things immigrants need to know when they are packing things to move to enother country? The history and traditions of the country, of course. Canada is a great at presenting its history. Every place you go: a big city or a small town, there is something to learn about customs and traditions. It does not matter where you move just start from the roots… Every place whether it’s Quebec City, Montreal, Kingston, Bath or Windsor has something to say.

This place: John P. Park is the place that really gets you into pioneer times 200 years back. It’s not just you wonder around the farmer’s estate but you can cook the kitchen in the fire place using authentic recipes and tools, make apple sider,  eat in a barn and just enjoy the lake view.

The house of John Parker’s family: this place reminds some estates of wealthy peasants in Russian villages but not the architecture of a main building though.

The back yard with lake view:

At the front yard there is a small stand – library for books to share.

Modern family piano (electric)


Piano 200 years ago, some changes but not too much just added electric cord and programmed sounds.

This is  a Smith shop where you can take some lessons as a black smith or iron smith.

Be an apple bee in the apple orchard and pick up some apples (the season is over for these apple trees though)

Make an apple sider with the (new) authentic press

And this is a small Loom shed house. I was desperate to try…

 And this is a well, you definitely need to be very strong to be able to make it work.

The small Ice house (red one at the back) and some kind of meat storage (grey at the front)

Everything is recyclable on the farm! These corn leafs used to make little corn toys for kids.

Cooking on the fire was always something special for a city girl but cooking in the farmer’s kitchen like they did it 200 years ago that was amazing!

The unfriendly  fall mood of the weather: grey clouds, cold wind and waves on the lake only added charmnes and spirit to the place.


We are coming back for a visit! This place is open all year round and there are great activities for grown ups and kids!


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