Immigrant families

To my Canadian immigrant families with love…

There are no perfect families! If you think yours is perfect… Think again )))

People meet, make a couple, a family and then at some point they decide their marriage is not working out, so they come to a tough decision to divorce. It’s normal, unfortunately, and most likely there are more divorced couples than married. Yes, that’s normal for people who stay in their own country, live their life get bored together and move on to other partners.

But it is not about immigrant families. These families are very strong!

Why? because… ))))

Because… there is no way back… You can’t pack your staff, after another the fight with your partner, and go to mom’s place (We all do that girls, right?!)

Because… there is no place for boredom… immigration is all about fight, competition, struggle and achievement… which means a LOT of  adrenaline in your blood for many years.

Because… those challenges that immigrant families go through are like to be on the submarine under the water (no friends, no parents no one), where only you and your partner, all  your achievements  together, all your notches which you were crawling up tied with one cord.

Because… you together hypnotised “citizenship and immigration” website twice a day knowing that it won’t change anything, and that endless happiness when you get “Med” papers

Because,… since the day you crossed the boarder you rip your @ass for your  future and future of your kids.

Because … when you in trouble, you are in trouble together and you talk and talk and find the solution together… no parent to come and hug, no friends (who use to be your phyco counselors) to flesh off your problems and whine. Partners in immigrant families become everything to each other a Universe.

Most immigrant families that I know are together for a long time have great kids, and I can tell, they are strong, very strong.

Lot of strength and love to you and your families!

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