Russian immigrant girl’s cooking for USA Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving for our American Friends

After about 9 years of living on the Canadian land Russian immigrant girl shamefully realised that she never cooked North American Thanksgiving dinner.

That means the time has come.

All mixes with friends from Russian circle mostly included Russian dishes which of course we miss being away from our home country (but no vodka thought). Its hard to say no to homemade “Olivie” salad or boiled potatoes with onion and salted hering (not marinated one),  or blini (pancakes), or borsch and schi (soups) or pelmeni (dumplings), so mostly we have these dishes and enjoy them.  Cooking all these delicious dishes is definitely time consuming as well as quite costly because if family invites for example 30 people for the celebration its their obligation to feed all guests. Can you imagine that? (No helpers, no cookers).

Even if it is one family that could be about 15 people… For our family preparations always stated a week before assigned date… women in our family did groceries hunt then cooked something that could be kept for longer, then starting two nights before the BIG day that was jingling of pans, spoons, forks, fights over  and over… in the kitchen. The outcome was always amazing!   Dinner was ready and table was served before guests started arriving; smell of pies, buns, salads and other yummy things made tummy to rumble…

As kids we were hopping around the table trying to steal  peace of something…a salami, ham  or pickle, or marinated wild mushroom…

So back to the Thanksgiving dinner…

As we haven’t a chance to get together with our family during Canadian Thanksgiving so US Thanksgiving gave us another chance. We had relatives visiting us from US, so thank you googly!  gave me simple recipes. The scary part was the turkey because there are so may legends about how it is difficult to cook a good turkey, and how its easy to destroy the dinner if you make it wrong.  As experienced home cooker  the immigrant girl decided  to stay on a save side and to use the slow cooker. New Technology rocks!

The lonely pumpkin from Halloween  in the corner and younger son gave two other ideas: pumpkin pie (Jeez! who would know that you need to keep it in the oven forever to get rid of moisture) and baked pumpkin…To all these I  added  steamed green beans and carrots, but the greatest addition for all the dishes was cranberry sauce. Turkey with cranberry sauce… mmm!… It is something! ( Ugh, yeah! I forgot about gravy (( , well, next time).

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!






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