One Year Later or how we bought our first car in Canada

Our newer girl/boy car and the story how we bought it

This story is about how to adult “teens” (as my hubby and I are stuck in our 16 teens in spite our grey hair)  bought our first minivan in civilized Canada uncivilized  way. ))))

Well, we had one  21 year old car (Infinity J30) which has been THE savour  for  our family for several years and its still our second car which is  with one wheel in the scrap yard but we cannot betray our old girl.

We did lots of tips on our old girl to Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal. Unfortunately, a lot of things stopped working, some electric and something with exhaust system. So we kind of realized it’s  dying slowly. Also, this lady doesn’t like just some parts from supermarket, she required something from design boutique or customized, as well as gas, not just regular but the best one…When we felt that she hits our pockets too often,  we came to a hard decision that it is time to change the “horse”))))

We are well educated people, with lots of diplomas from different educational institutions at least two countries, we know how to surf internet so we started to search for a younger “horse”. We argued and fought, and argued, then discussed and drove between local  dealerships looked at the cars , prices… got scared… talked to sale associates…came back home and surfed internet again. At some point we came to agreement that we need a van.  Our arguments were: love to long distant trips,  camping, and we have kids AND a dog that of course needs the whole seat at the back… So the VAN, “what make?” was another fight about; my hubby loves old Dodge Caravans (not the square one) but most of them have rusty  bodies and that was my main argument, where as Honda(s) of the same age look much better and more reliable  but the Price!!! Jeezz! The prices for Honda Odyssey were so that it made our hair rise up… But we are suborn and determent. Anyway we couldn’t spend more than certain amount (its almost funny but we were saving by 5s and 20s  every day by doing cash job). So we defined our price range and started to look for our dream car…WE FOUND IT!!!! We found it in Toronto, Scarborough. We decided we need to look at that car, we came to the pace which loudly is called “DEALERSHIP” Lucky car… )))))

Well… in my imagination dealership is a big building with warm, bright  office with soft chairs, computers and nice smiley dealers. NOOO, this is not what would describe this place… Yep! there was ‘office” but in a small two rooms one level house with almost no electricity and lack light and heat ( -20 C outside in January), there was a comp there. The area around the office 500 sqft. approximately all stuffed with cars. The dealer was  a guy “hard to say age” in aviator hat (ushanka), with the name from Russian famous movie (The Wight sun of the desert” and also jokes which made us swallow our giggles all the time…Sayid!!!!! LOL) The Dealer hosted us with tea and long small talk (very, very asian wise but without a Persian carpet). He had such an accent, we hardly could understand him…(( only guess… but we liked the van so much so we decided its ok… we also have accents )))). He showed us a car, opened it, closed (note: he had a remote key then), we looked in it, walked around  clattered with our tongues, and left  to chill out…Honestly, the vehicle was in a great condition, looked like new from outside to inside, the engine was clean, clean, and low km like below 90k.

So where was that rock to trip!!!!…The dealer said that this vehicle was in car accident and he replaced two doors!! Ok, thank you for the truth…

Car proof showed that underwater “ROCK”, few car accidents and “SALVAGE”,  REALLY!?? What do normal people do? Just turn around to look for another car. What did we do..?  Listened to other’s opinion and did  the opposite.)))) We found a mechanic in Toronto, asked dealer to take the car there for diagnostic of damages. The mechanic’s conclusion was that the vehicle was restored pretty good but personally he wouldn’t buy the car that was in such kind of accident as it hard to predict what may come out later.

Again, what normal people would do? Right, look for another car… Its not us… We are not normal )))) We already loved that one…goldy…

Sleepless week with doubts… and we were driving back to Toronto… for drive test…and deposit…

Someone will ask: Why not to take a loan and buy from  a reliable dealership?  Loan? Really? To Student and unemployed with a cash job? Point me to the Bank  that can do that?

SOOOO, We are buying from this “Dealership” with cash… Yes! With Cash! We brought a bag of cash… Even though this guy had a  computer in his “office” all his inventory was on paper in some  oily journal… and no transaction machine… all we got back to confirm payment was a small receipt with some scratching that we “paid full amount”…   (exact quote no digits). After all necessary paper work , another drive test to check if the alignment was done as we asked we were paying in the car… with cash… right…! not in the “office”…!  in the car…! (note: no more remote key, just some key chain, when I noticed that the dealer said I was wrong and he never had a remote key, but gave me some money back saying we  can do it easy at some places… Nice guy!!!).

That was an adventure!!! I can easily imagine this can happen somewhere in my home country…but its happened in Canada… no nostalgia at all ))))))

One year past and our “Lucky car” Van is  on road, we enjoy our rides, no concerns at all!  Was it risky? May be! Was it worth? Yes, for us!


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