My First full time job in Canada, first impression and complicative feelings. 

 This is my emotional flash out. 

Well, I don’t want to disclose my full resume here, just tell that I have diploma from Canadian college, and big dreams to find a job in the field of my diploma. I gave myself about two-three years after graduation determenly applying for positions in my field, searching for help from employment agencies and completing workplacements and internships with various companies. I got great experience of absolutely incredible work ethic, tact, communication and building relations, as well as great work related knowledge.  

I also got interesting experience as a cab driver learning people and deal with different kinds of people. Even though at first it was very hard emotionally, but at some point I was able to see advantages of that job and had fun. 

At some point, I  just realized no meter what kind of job you do keep up positive attitude, find things that give realief to negatives and brings fun to tasks you do. 

Some people say: “If you met negative person, run!” Some times there nowhere to run, the only way to overcome negativeness of others is to keep smiling and stay positive. It’s almost like a math statement  “+” to “-“gives “+”. With this kind of attitude a came to my first full time job at call centre. I heard a lot of things about call centre from Canadians and from my Russian friends, everyone had different opinions both positive and negative. Some of my friends couldn’t stay more than three months, some worked more than two years and never complained. But I wanted to start my job at call centre with open mind and to have my own judgment.  

For three weeks we had training, I had a terrible feeling of waisted time as we spent lots of time playing “wolf” or waiting when the trainer printed out handouts, and that’s ok, when you are in a training room, but when time comes to deal with reality and real customers here comes that uncomfortable feeling that either you missed something during training or just never have been trained for that, also applications are slow and can shut down right in the middle of the call. It doesn’t make day better. 

Unintentionally, I’ve recalled from my college program some facts: min wage= lots of insentetives, reasons for high turnover…(as through the year about 90% who were hired quit). I am ready to write two letters to IT and management of this site ))) with my suggestions with improvements. 

Yep, agents can’t improve customers who call in mad and unhappy, but definetly something should be done with the rest erea and production floor. 

As for my self I need to stay on this job a little bit longer to find my way to positiveness. I do see some advantages and another work experience, now I need to find out how to make fun on this job.