Spirit of Christmas!




Merry Christmas beloved friends!!!

Just couple days ago recalled the memories about last New Year at home with my mom before our family became oversea residents.

There is a Russian saying: “Your next year will be as good as you celebrate it!” Which means if you celebrate it with happiness among family and friends, you will be happy for the whole year; if you celebrate it on the road that’s how it’s going to be the whole year… So our last New Year eve  before we moved to Canada was among boxes moving from one place to another, so here we are it seems that New Year effected our next 9 years living on the boxes, moving from one place to another with a hope and intentions to settle our nest house one day.

Am I whining? Nope!

Am I a bit nostalgic? Yep! it’s a holiday one )))

And of course I am making a big wish at 12 am at New Year!

Some may ask why not Christmas? To make my big wish true I’ll put a not on our Christmas tree either… Yeah! Just to speed up the process ))

Actually before Christmas some people ask me whether we celebrate Christmas or not? It’s Canada! Sure we do!!! The more fun the better!

Also it’s different calendar then in Russia so it would be the same holiday as January 7 th! Isn’t it?

BUT We put presents under the Christmas tree twice!  Imagine that!!!!

Kids write two letters to two different saints Santa Clause and Father Frost. Auh! The Saint is actually the same but the name is different… And they come in different ways: Santa through the chimney.

(Kids ask me why can’t he use the door? He is not a thief!)

and Fr. Frost comes through the door (Russian kids from big cities would never get their presents if Father frost has to get to the apartment through the chimney, there are no chimneys or fireplaces in most apartments).

When Father Frost comes kids actually  should sing a song, dance or recite the poem to impress the old man and only then get a present; also Father Frost comes with his granddaughter Snow Girl (Snegurotchka), who entertains kids. She sings with them, cheers kids up if they’re shy, makes rounds around the Christmas tree, or better say New Year tree.

New Year is/ was as important in Russia as Christmas in North America. People start celebrate on the last week of December keep having fun for about 2 weeks after the first of January. Yeah! It’s hard to stop! Family visits, friends visits, day by day until the 10th of January. Then heavy hangover and extra 20lb on hips!!! :))

(Never started dieting before New Year, now  you know why :))) )

When orthodox Christmas, January 7th was added to to the calendar everyone got more reasons to have fun longer!!!

I love holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Happy New 2016 Year!

Make wishes twice! It will work I believe!